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Competition Results

Grade G - 24/01/2010

                                                      Place        Score

Under 13 boys                          

Adam Bowie-Woollie                       8th          41.1

Under 13 girls                          

Alisha Kingead-Weekes                  39th          41.5

Under 15 girls                          

Georgia Haylor                                14th          42.0

Rebecca Booker                             19th          39.9

Ellie Denniss                                    18th          40.7

Hannah Farris                                  20th          39.4

Team                                               3rd    

Under 19 boys                          

Nathan Mansfield                             3rd           36.9

Under 19 girls                          

Shona Conroy                                 20th          39.9

Grade G to C - 11/10/2009

                                                      Place        Score

Under 13 boys Regional G                          

Adam Fagg                                     14th          39.2

Under 13 girls Regional G                           

Ellie Denniss                                    36th          42.2

Alisha Kinkead-Weekes                  62nd         31.2

Under 15 girls Regional G                              

Georgia-Mae Haylor                       16th          43.8

Rebecca Booker                             19th          42.7

Under 19 boys Regional G                            

Nathan Mansfield                             4th           43.8

Qualifying score to go to Grade F is 45.0

Well done to the two competitors who were only 1.2 away from that score.

Watch this space for results from the next Grade G competition.

Grade I - 12/07/2009

                                                    Place        Score

Mixed Age and Gender Group - Grade I

Kieran Owler                               1st            43.1

Adam Bowie-Wooler                   3rd            42.6

Carl Parks                                    4th            41.3

Lucy Ambler                                5th            40.47

Jemma Brooker                            9th            20.6


Grade G to C - 28/06/2009

                                                    Place        Score

Under 13 girls Regional G

Alisha Kinkead-Weekes                  37th        41.1

Abby Masters                                 40th         40.9

Ellie Denniss                                    47th         39.1

Team                                              10th        121.1

Under 15 girls Regional G

Rebecca Booker                            21st           40.6

Under 19 boys Regional G

Nathan Mansfield                            2nd            41.8

C-G Grade Competition - 07/06/09

The G-C grade competition held at the Jumpers Rebound Centre on Sunday 7th June 2009 had to be cancelled due to flooding of the facilities. We will keep you updated on potential refunds or re-arrangement of the competition.